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Show some          this year!

Everyone deserves a little recognition sometimes and right now it seems to be more important than ever! With all of us having to learn to exist in a world that is unlike anything we have ever seen before, a little bit of extra love goes a long way. So this year we wanted to start something "extra special" that can be felt across all styles of learning.  Below are ways to express how grateful we are for one another. 
**Follow the instructions below to acknowledge someone that you feel has gone above and beyond this year to make you feel special and/or has helped you to succeed! 
Show some love photo.jpg
Nominate a teacher!

Tell us about how a teacher/staff member has helped to make this year better than ever! 

**Submit 1 photo of you and your teacher together,  your teacher doing something special for you /others, or a candid photo so we can see just how special they are. Then send it in an email with  a little description of what makes them so special to you so we can let them know!!

Submit those Selfies!

Finally, everyone needs just a little recognition every once and awhile.... So send us your best selfie(s) to show the world  what makes us special in our own way and what it means to be #BBESstrong!

**Submit ANY photos you have that celebrate your individuality and  our awesome community to the email address listed below. 

Send a shout-out!

Do you know someone who has shown what it means to have BBES P.R.I.D.E.? Do have have the best friend(s) ever? Well we want know about it, and help you shout it from the roof tops!!


**Submit 1 photo of that BBES Superstar and/or one with your bestie(s).  Then send it in an email with a little description letting us know who they are and what makes them so special!

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