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    As a school we have been very successful over the years with coming up with fun and creative ways to earn money for our school.  The funds raised are used to host family events, purchase classroom and school wide materials and equipment, support the expanding education of the staff and in-school programs/events for the students.  Specific purchases/activities that have been done in the past included, but are not limited to:


  • Annual "allowance" for each teacher to use for his/her classroom

  • Field Day and Classroom Parties

  • Movie Night(s), Annual Drop-in event, Penguin Patch, Fall festival, Spooky reading night, Books 'n Breakfast, and Veteran's Day celebration/assembly

  • "Mini-grants" for teachers

  • Recess Equipment and refillable water stations

  • Portion of field trip costs

  • Books to support the new curriculum(s)

  • Teacher Appreciation week

  • Annual t-shirt for all BBES Students and Staff


            This year we are making a large shift in our fundraising efforts that coincide with more of a virtual fundraising experience.  In hopes to keep our community safe we have partnered up with some awesome businesses to make fundraising low-hassle while still maximizing our earnings! 




**Click on the logo(s) to find out more info. and learn how YOU can start donating today!

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