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   Amazon has really come a long way since its debut in 1995. In the beginning they only sold books! Now they are selling more products than ever including their Prime memberships and streaming services.  

   In 2005 Amazon Smile debuted,  as an effort for Amazon to give back to non-profit organizations. BBES PTO has now set up a partnership with Amazon Smile  in order to help raise funds for our school.  Shopping with 'Smile' will earn our school 5% back with every purchase

amazon smile logo (main).png

**Click the symbol above for a direct link to BBES 'Smile'



Amazon smile how to.jpg
amazon smile how to.jpg


Have Amazon Prime?

Don't worry you can still link your account to 'Smile'!!


from your phone?

Amazon smile logo.png

**available on both Apple and Android

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