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2022-2023 PTO Committees

Classroom Parties

Lead Classroom Parents sign up during Curriculum Night and plan three parties a year.  They coordinate the classroom volunteers before the party.  Each class is only allowed four volunteers per party.  The parties will coincide with Halloween, Winter Break and Valentine’s Day.

Kitchen Free Nights (K.F.N.)

This committee is generally just a couple of people and a majority of the work occurs during late summer.  The committee works with local restaurants to set up once a month family dining nights during the school year in which the restaurants will give BBES a portion of their profits. *Mostly an at home position with phone calls.

Teacher Appreciation

The first full week in May is Teacher Appreciation week.  The committee is responsible for planning the week’s events (breakfast, 2 lunches, and dessert night).  Food donations are sent in by our wonderful parents. 

*This is a collection of donations and providing day of need for a week. Possible phone calls and organization of donations.

Field Day 

This is held during school the last day of school. It is an outdoor activity that each class participates in. The committee chooses the theme and plans games within that theme.  Volunteers are needed for the setup and throughout the day to assist with running the games.

*Committee planning is mainly an at home position, with exception of picking up whatever necessary requirements of equipment. Day of Event volunteers is crucial to success. 60+ volunteers needed.

Veteran's Day

In honor of our veterans and active duty service members we celebrate Veteran’s Day with a family breakfast followed by a school assembly.  *This committee is responsible for planning the menu of the breakfast and coordinates with families that have service members that would like to attend the assembly afterwards.

Donuts and Grownups

To celebrate Read across America week this committee is responsible for planning the menu of the breakfast as well as decorates and sets up alternate seating options for the families that choose to join us for some tasty treats.  

*Event planning is an at home position with pick up and setup for events as well as the collection of food donations from parents and/or local restaurants.

BBES T-Shirts

This committee will plan and order t-shirts for every student at BBES and provided them at no cost. Committee responsibilities include soliciting monetary donations, choosing a logo and coordinating sizes for the t-shirts and distribution of the t-shirts to the students. 

*This is an at home position of data entry and then on site distribution of shirts.

Movie Night(s)/ Concessions

A free family event with concessions available for purchase.  The committee chooses family friendly movies that are shown in the gym during our annual drop-in event. Volunteers are needed during the movie for the concession stand, floating around supervising children and for pick-up and drop-off.

*Mostly an at home planning position, with ~10 volunteers needed. 

Miscellaneous Volunteer(s)

We are always looking to have help throughout the year with various other events. If you are looking to just fill in as needed, don't want to be tied down to something specific, or you would like to help out with several of the committees listed above then this is the spot for you!

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